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Oooh oooh oooh there’s light at the end of this tunnel

"Busy, busy bees. Walking to and fro. What if we close our eyes? What if we don’t wake up?"
-Josh Scogin

Title Optional #1

…so I melt back into the couch, afraid of nothing, yet all of it at the same time.

"One step forward.
Two steps back”.

It’s like a dance we did when our eyes first met.

Except this isn’t a love song.
This is the last drop from a champagne glass.

The bright city lights seem dull compared to these stars.

Sunrise, sunset. Where are you, Arienette?

The skyline still screams your name. #heavyheart

You’re not my first love but you’re
the first I’ve loved like this. I
wonder if everything before you
was just practice, like stretching
my arms out so I could hold you
better. You’re like a song I’ve
heard before, but never at full
volume; you’re the end chorus
with all the instruments in.
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